Ferpection is a managerial experiment! Is it possible to achieve team excellence while respecting individuals' freedom and well-being? We believe so and our ever-evolving culture is our way to achieve this.

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Culture audit result during one of our winter retreats

Culture audit result during one of our winter retreats

Company purpose

<aside> 🌟 By improving user experiences for all, we are committed to positively impacting business, society, and the planet.



<aside> 👌 Behaviors are crucial to working well individually & together, even more so than values:

Values and behaviors

Often used in companies, values usually look like “Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence”. By themselves, though, they are not sufficient.

The values listed above were those of Enron, an infamous company that went belly up following an accounting scandal.

Values must be accompanied by behaviors.

Leader-leader model

In its simplest form, the leader-leader model forces you to push power and responsibility as low on the organization as possible. This allows leaders at every level to re-focus their efforts on more meaningful tasks, while trusting others to figure out how to get their job done.

One key principle to remember: “If you’re the one doing it, you decide”. Check more about Making decisions

Beyond autonomy

In traditional organizations, you have a manager as in a boss over your head. We believe you can do better for yourself and the company by being autonomous. Yet, there are three dimensions where we need the support of others:

  1. Transversal tasks: these are defined in ‣ list.
  2. Dialogue: “buddy times” provide a safe place to discuss with other members of the company while Conflict management helps when things are about to go South!
  3. Making progress: your peers will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses (like this), your individual contribution to objectives and give you feedback on how to progress.

Help us know who we really are

Take the organization maturity survey:


Some inspiration


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